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The Berlage Lyceum in Amsterdam seeks offer modern education with a clear vision rooted an modern society and with eyes on the future. The application of ICT is of the upmost importance in realizing this. This enables us to give students an education that appeals to them and brings them further ahead. A preparation for the world after school.

The modernisation of the Berlage Lyceum didn’t start with the introduction of the iPads in Januari of 2011. 2009-2010 signalled the start of this, with the introduction of hanging SMARTboards in the classroom, renovating the infrastructure of the computer labs,

handing out notebooks to teachers and implementing the Google Apps. This all needed to be done before we could even think about a 1:1 device solution.

ICT in education

Our students will enter a world after graduation where, whether to go on to find a job or seek higher education, they will encounter ICT various ICT tools daily. It is our job to fully prepare our students so that they can enter this world with a breath of knowledge and skills to succeed. In the article, “The new wave”, (Angelique Steen, Studentalent, Den Haag 2011), sets out the use of social media and the role it takes in finding jobs in the current job market. Once more, the old fashioned way of artvertising vacancies in newspapers and writing application letters is no longer proven to be the most important means of matching employer and employee.

Besides the wel known (mostly Microsoft) office applications we’ve also invested in Apple products and new media such als iPad, iPods and implementation of smartphones in our education. We currently have one Windows computer lab, one Ubuntu computer lab and one Mac lab. Our aim is to familiarise our students with all of these platforms. Today’s student will probably retire in 2060 and between now and then will seek out jobs that do not even exist yet. These professions will be supported with ICT tools that we cannot begin to imagine yet. It is for these reasons that we seek to match our eduction to the trends that we foresee in the future. Moreover, we want to revising our education at the same rate that as science does.

Students and teachers communicate with their smartphones, tablets and computers at home and on the road with the same devices they consume media with. The Berlage Lyceum thinks it is high time to let students enjoy their education with these devices as well.


The ICT policy at the Berlage Lyceum has got 3 broad aims:

  1. ICT as tool for creation.
  2. ICT as a source of information.
  3. ICT as a tool for communication.
The iPad-class pilot
Before the introduction of the iPad in The Netherlands in June 2010, the Berlage Lyceum joined iCentre in researching the possibility of the iPad as a new device in class. The Berlage Lyceum sought the to be a frontrunner in the use of iPads in education in The Netherlands. This stems from the idea that we seek to be a modern school with modern tools that seeks to bridge the gap between schools and the students environment in 2012 and beyond.
The use of of mobile media, internet, and a seemingly infinitive amount of apps result in a completely different way of communicating, consuming and producing media and consequently also of learning. It is our goal to use all of the means that are presently available to us and incorporate them into our curriculum.
Firstly we formulated three general goals:
  1. Offering a common media production and consumption platform to teachers and students that fits the student’s frame of reference.
  2. Letting students communicate through a means befitting a 21st century.
  3. Raising student’s awareness in a modern way of the possibilities and pitfalls of the internet.

To start of the pilot a set of teachers were given iPads to take home for the 201o Christmas holiday. A parents evening in Januari 2011 kicked off the pilot for the students of class 2i. Students and teachers were both asked the question, “What does the iPad as an educational tool add to our education?”

More specifically:

  1. Does the ipad offer the possibility to make links between knowledge, skills and experience. In other words is content knowledge practically applicable on the iPad?
  2. What are the advantages of the iPad over other devices?
  3. Is opening up the students to the world wide web in the classroom advantageous for the education of our students?

Furthermore we sough the asnwers to the question, “to which extent does the iPad improve the learning outcomes of our students?”

  1. Does the iPad add to our joy in learning?
  2. For which subjects can be clearly demonstrate and improvement or decline in learning outcomes?

In conclusion we ask the question, what the use of the iPad does to the pedagogy of the teachers and what the effect of the device is on the behavior of the students, class environment and learning outcomes of the class as a whole.



One comment on “About iPads at the Berlage Lyceum
  1. Guido Keizer says:

    Clear statement on Ipad use at Berlage. Cross and parallel platform support is really unbiased.
    A horizon of a life time of work retirement in 2060 might well miss the ‘new wave’ flow. What work is will be redefined before 2020. Retirement is not common route. Lifetime learning will mix with a lifecycle productive mode for vital generations Here&Now.

    Guido Keizer

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