Add multiple calendars to iPad Calendar app.

For some reason setting up multiple calendars on the iPad is a bit tricky. The process of setting it up will take about 5 minutes.

On your iPad, open safari and go to 
You will get the following image saying that Google Sync is not supported.


Tap on “taal wijzigen” and change the language to “English (US)” and then it will magically work.
Tap on the device you want to sync (ipad). It is also wise to add this page as a bookmark (tap arrow next to the address bar) so that you can easily add the new class calendars once they are made.


You can then select all of the calendars that you want to sync. Don’t forget to tap on save and that’s it. The next time you open up your ipad calendar app all of your Berlage calendars will be loaded.
In your calendar app you can toggle the different calendars on and off.


To add an event to a calendar tap on the “+” icon on the bottom right. Fill out the details and tap on calendar to select which calendar you want to add it to.

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