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Teachers get 12gb Dropbox space for free.


Ok so I fooled you a little bit in the title. Dropbox didn’t just suddenly roll out a new teacher programme that gives you 12 gb of free space. But it is really easy, for teachers especially, to get free

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Google Search Challenge with Nearpod


In a 1:1 iPad classroom, Google is a student’s best friend. However, we cannot assume that, just because these students are stuck to their devices 24/7, they are digital natives. Google has so many more functions than simply typing text

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15 Great apps for teaching and classroom management

photo (1)

  There have been tons of blog posts over the year about great apps that enhance learning, yet I have seen very little blog posts that review apps for teaching. For me introducing iPads into the classroom, be it for

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iPad lessons with Aurasma


The living pictures from the Harry Potter books just became a reality. With Aurasma you can make still images come to life on your phone. What the app does is bring the physical and the virtual worlds together by adding video

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Apps for multiple intelligences


What makes the iPad brilliant is that it caters to all different intelligences. In fact most apps touch upon all different types of intelligences. I’ve tried to match all of my favorite educational apps with their corresponding intelligences. For those

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6 different ways of getting student feedback in your iPad lesson.


Update 14-09-2012: Syncing Notability with Dropbox is possibly the easiest and best way of keeping track of your students’ work.  One of the most difficult challenges for the teachers at my school is changing from workbooks and worksheets to get

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Use tricks from “the classroom experiment” in your iPad lesson.


In 2010 Professor Dylan Wiliam took over a year 8 classroom at Hertswood School and tested six simple ideas that transformed the quality of the class’ education. At the end of the term, students apparently learned twice as much as they

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Give feedback via Google Forms + Mail Merge.

Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 11.36.31 PM

This following post is for the slightly advanced Google Docs users. We will be installing a script in your Google Doc that will automatically email students feedback using a Google Form. This post presupposes you know how to make an

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Artikel LTM5: Experimenteer met het toepassen van ICT in de les

Screen Shot 2012-08-05 at 5.47.13 PM

Hieronder volgt mijn artikel in Leven Talen Magazine van Juni 2012. Experimenteer met het toepassen van ICT in de les  Hoe kun je ICT op een goede manier inzetten in de les? Wat is de meerwaarde van een sociaal medium als

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Meest gestelde vragen over Berlage’s Bring Your Own iPad lease constructie. Update 22-07

iPad dag

Meest gestelde vragen over Bring Your Own iPad. 24 Jun 2012 Deze week hebben leerlingen in de onderbouw TTO klassen een brief gekregen over het aanschaffen van een iPad via school. Hieronder volgt een overzicht van de meest gestelde vragen.

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