Monitor Classroom Behaviour and Bilingual Attitude with Classdojo

The popular classroom behaviour tool, Classdojo, has just become available as an app for iPhones and iPads which now makes it even more easy for teachers to keep a record of their student’s behaviour.

Demo classdojo class dashboard

Teachers can use this tool to award students points for positive classroom behaviour such as showing participation, creativity or hard work and take away points for negative behaviours like being late, disrupting or out of their chair.

The Berlage Lyceum is a bilingual school, that offers content and language integrated learning. This means that students get half of the subjects are taught in English and the other half in Dutch. Students are also encouraged to talk to their classmates, friends and teachers in English in and outside of the classroom. They get an A/B/C grade for this on their report each term.

Negative points for speaking Dutch in different situations

Over the last couple of years we have been searching for a way to fairly monitor this and have an accurate record and proof for when the reports come around. Previously the A/B/C grades were voted on in report meetings, which too often came down to whether the student was liked or not and wasn’t backed-up with real data.

It looks like Classdojo can help us with this. All teachers download the app on their device or log-in via and give the students points. The classroom behaviour options have been changed into different speaking English situations. Teachers are expected to look at this regularly so we have a nice breakdown of the number of points that each student attained that term.

Positive points for speaking English in different situations





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One comment on “Monitor Classroom Behaviour and Bilingual Attitude with Classdojo
  1. Kalen says:

    Hi Suzanne – Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you very much for writing this great post about us – we all really appreciate your support. Hope to have the ability to share students and classes across teachers for you soon :)

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