Peer assessment with Google Forms

I like to have my students assess each other quite often. Whether it’s a poster they made, essay they wrote or during class presentations. It helps for them to critically look at what their peers are doing and what they need to be doing.

I do most of these assessments with the grid option in Google Forms. Google Forms are extremely easy to make.

Here is an example of a Google Form that I made for a badvert presentation assignment. Make sure you start of with an identifier question of whom you are assessing. This will help you later when you look at all of the results in the spreadsheet.

I’ve comprised the grid of 10 criteria with a maximum score of 5 so that the final score can easily be added up to a grade. Usernames of all students who fill in the grid are recorded so you can easily spot the students who are only filling in 1s or 5s.

I usually shorten the long url with and make students type short url in their browser. You can also send the form to the students by email or make them scan a QR code.

Great thing about Google Form is that it works on the simplest of smartphones as well. So you can start using it in any classroom.



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