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6 different ways of getting student feedback in your iPad lesson.


Update 14-09-2012: Syncing Notability with Dropbox is possibly the easiest and best way of keeping track of your students’ work.  One of the most difficult challenges for the teachers at my school is changing from workbooks and worksheets to get

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Worksheets in iBooks.


On a typical paper worksheets a question would normally look something like this:   “What are the different figurative language techniques used in this text.” ______________________________________________________________   The lines on the paper gives students the space to write their answers.

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Isendoorn College
Isendoorn College
Isendoorn in Leerlab Digitaal Arrangeren van Materialen
Isendoorn in Leerlab Digitaal Arrangeren van Materialen

In de schooljaren 2015-2016 en 2016-2017 doet het Isendoorn mee aan het Leerlab: Arrangeren van Digitaal Lesmaterialen van Leerling 2020.
Gedurende deze periode zal deze site gebruikt worden met updates over onze vorderingen.