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Google Drive ios app adds live editing and collaborating.


Many of the schools that have introduced iPads in the classroom also use the Google Apps for Education suite. Unfortunately these two do not always mix well together. Using Google Apps on the iPads has always been quite tedious, but today

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5 Best Notebook iPad apps for students

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Below is an overview of the 5 best note-taking apps. Berlage students can request access to the document with the description on how to download the apps here. Whichever note taking app you chose to use. Stop using the simple Notes

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Isendoorn College
Isendoorn College
Isendoorn in Leerlab Digitaal Arrangeren van Materialen
Isendoorn in Leerlab Digitaal Arrangeren van Materialen

In de schooljaren 2015-2016 en 2016-2017 doet het Isendoorn mee aan het Leerlab: Arrangeren van Digitaal Lesmaterialen van Leerling 2020.
Gedurende deze periode zal deze site gebruikt worden met updates over onze vorderingen.