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iPad lessons with Aurasma


The living pictures from the Harry Potter books just became a reality. With Aurasma you can make still images come to life on your phone. What the app does is bring the physical and the virtual worlds together by adding video

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Worksheets in iBooks.


On a typical paper worksheets a question would normally look something like this:   “What are the different figurative language techniques used in this text.” ______________________________________________________________   The lines on the paper gives students the space to write their answers.

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Isendoorn College
Isendoorn College
Isendoorn in Leerlab Digitaal Arrangeren van Materialen
Isendoorn in Leerlab Digitaal Arrangeren van Materialen

In de schooljaren 2015-2016 en 2016-2017 doet het Isendoorn mee aan het Leerlab: Arrangeren van Digitaal Lesmaterialen van Leerling 2020.
Gedurende deze periode zal deze site gebruikt worden met updates over onze vorderingen.