Teachers get 12gb Dropbox space for free.

Ok so I fooled you a little bit in the title. Dropbox didn’t just suddenly roll out a new teacher programme that gives you 12 gb of free space.

But it is really easy, for teachers especially, to get free space. Every September teachers are exposed to a wealth of untapped Dropbox gigabytes. Your new students probably do not have a dropbox account yet. So instead of emailing them todays worksheet every day. Put it in a shared folder and share an iBook, video, answers to a test, anything really via dropbox. As soon as these students sign up and install dropbox you get 500mb per students.

So take the average class of 24 students x 500 mb = 12 free gigabytes.

You can get up to 16 extra gigabytes via referrels this way so repeat the process to get even more.

Bottom line is: Students will sign up for Dropbox eventually. So why not introduce them to it and get extra space out of it.

In the mean time it also wise to link the student’s Notability notes for you subject to your dropbox account.  


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